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Are casino games popular in Sweden?

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The casino world is evolving every day, and more and more online casinos are popping up in many countries. As a result, the number of players from different countries is increasing, and Sweden is no exception. According to the latest statistics, the number of casino players in Sweden grew to 7% in November 2021. Many of these casino goers play at various Swedish online casinos but a lot of them choose to play at the best foreign casinos. In this article we will find out of the casino game and its popularity in Sweden.

Some numbers

In November 2021, the flretaget called SKOP made a study that shows the popularity of online casinos within Sweden. About 3000 people answered a number of questions about casinos and their hobbies. Around 73% of the men surveyed by SKOP said they had played at online casinos at least once within 2021. This means that three quarters of Swedes play at online casinos every day. Compared to 2020, the number of players grew to 7%.

The respondents, namely 86%, answered that they played sitting at home. This number shows how the corona pandemic is affecting the Swedish gambling market. More than 1% gambled at their workplaces.

During the corona pandemic, further restrictions came into force regarding casino games and gambling in general. The government introduced a controversial deposit limit for Swedish online casinos. Players visiting any gambling site can only deposit 5000 SEK per week. As a result, the number of players choosing foreign online casinos for their gambling increased. Why? Let's take a closer look.

Foreign gambling sites

Players choose to play at foreign casinos that they can easily find online. There are many different info websites, such as casino software. Unlicensed casinos became popular thanks to the Swedish Gambling Act that came into force in January 2019.

The gambling law restricts players as well as gambling companies in different ways. At Swedish online casinos you will find the following restrictions:

  • Bonus restriction - Players can receive only 1 welcome bonus that does not exceed 100 SEK;

  • Time restriction - Players must set the time he can play on;

  • Deposit limit - as we have said above, players can only deposit 5000 SEK per week.

All these limits force players to choose websites ensuring freedom and great gaming experience as well as generous bonuses and great gaming environment.

Many have multiple gaming accounts

Of those who gamble online, 46% say they have a gambling account. The proportion of Swedes with two accounts is 30%. 17% say they have 3 or more accounts while 5% do not know how many accounts they have. 2% of those who play for money online said they have no account. Many people use websites like GoPlay when comparing which casinos are the best fit.

When the survey was conducted, a large majority (60%) said they had played at Svenska Spel. The proportion who had played at ATG was 15%. The proportion who named any of the online casinos was negligible. At the same time, it was an open question, which meant that no options were listed. As it is much easier to remember Svenska Spel than any of the new gambling sites, the results for this question may have been a little misleading.

Where do the players come from?

According to statistics from Svenska Spel AB, there are a few counties with the largest number of casino players, including Dalarna County, Jämtland and Kalmar. These counties are the top 3. These statistics also show that the casino game is becoming more popular among Swedes. In Sweden, almost 300,000 Swedes aged 18 to 79 say they gamble every day.

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